What Is Professional Indemnity Insurance?


Professional Indemnity Insurance, also referred to as PI Insurance, protects against claims alleging a breach of professional duty including both damages payable and legal costs incurred in defending a claim. A professional is considered an 'expert' in their field and other people rely upon your expertise with this reliance giving rise to a 'Duty of Care'. If you breach this duty of care those persons affected can claim damages against you. This applies even though you may have provided your services free of charge or to people who were not party to your contract.

As a professional you need Professional Indemnity insurance to either satisfy government regulations, contractual obligations or simply to protect your assets.

Professional Indemnity is a specialist area of insurance and should be arranged in partnership with a specialist broker.




BRIC are insurance brokers with specialist professional indemnity insurance capabilities. We are not affiliated with any particular insurer and negotiate competitive and appropriate terms with more than 25 different sources of professional indemnity insurance Australia.

Many suppliers of this insurance are not specialists or act as agents of insurers. Insurance Brokers operating under Binding Authorities or Insurance Agents owe a legal obligation to an insurer as their agent. In such cases they are not legally obliged to point out to you any potential deficiencies in the cover they are offering. Not all policies are the same.

Let us work with you to arrange the best possible cover at the most competitive price.

Our expertise has been recognised by:

  • Engineers Australia
  • Consult Australia
  • The Australian Institute of Building Surveyors
  • The Australian Institute of Marine Surveyors
  • The Building Commission of Victoria
  • The Department of Environment and Planning NSW and many others...

Our services include advice and negotiation with insurers (we have access to both local and overseas professional indemnity insurance markets); policy wording interpretation; risk management advice on how to improve your risk profile; what you need to do to improve the presentation of your risk to the market; general advice as to what insurers will accept under your contracts; claims and circumstances management/advice; the appropriate strategy for the renewal of your insurance over the long term and much more.

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To help us secure the best terms for you please complete an Electronic Application Form as this allows you to complete the form on your computer. This generally improves the 'quality' of our presentation to insurers thereby enhancing the potential for the best possible outcome. Please also download the Instructions on how to best complete the form.

To enable us to better understand your individual needs, we encourage you to contact one of our specialist consultants prior to completing your application.



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