Home Building & Contents

Home Building Insurance

Your home is one of your most important assets; therefore it is essential that you arrange adequate coverage for it.

Too many times we hear after a tragedy that so many of the homes destroyed were underinsured. Just a few dollars more in premium can make the difference between having enough from your insurance policy to commence rebuilding your home immediately after a loss occurs, or having to rent a house.

Consult with a builder or architect to determine how much it would cost to rebuild your home and insure for at least 10% above that. Hopefully this will mean that if a disaster does occur you will be adequately insured.

Home Contents Insurance

The scope of cover varies considerably between policies so it is essential you consult a General Insurance Broker to help you understand these differences.

Have you accurately calculated your sum insured? Once again, too many people do not adequately insure their contents and are left short when a loss occurs.

Landlord's Home Building and Contents Insurance

Many investors purchase a home to let to tenants. How this is insured varies dependent upon the insurer and which of their products is appropriate.

Sometimes it is better to insure using their standard Home insurance products, however, sometimes insurers will insist on you using a 'Landlords' insurance policy which may not offer the same level of cover. It is our job to work out which is the most appropriate option for you.

Most Important

With many insurance policies - what you pay is what you get. So whilst some may appear to be less expensive than others, generally there will be a significant reason for this. Do not wait until a claim occurs before you find out the difference - talk with us now!



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