Risk Consulting

BRIC has a wealth of Risk Management knowledge and can provide clients with a variety of services to assist in minimising their total Cost of Risk.

These include:

  • Risk Identification, Exposure & Loss Analysis;
  • Contingency Planning;
  • Insurance Due Diligence Audits;
  • Legislative Support;

We have the capability to tailor a plan specifically for your business, just give us a call to discuss your needs.

Risk Identification, Exposure & Loss Analysis

One of the most fundamental aspects of protecting yourself is knowing what risks your organisation faces and what exposures your business has in relation to such risks. This may sound easy, however it constantly amazes us how many organisations have ignored some obvious risks simply because they had failed to recognise them. This is why having an external organisation assist with this identification process is invaluable. Once we have identified these risks we can look at ways to manage them.

One method of identifying and analysing risk is to undertake a loss analysis. Whilst hopefully not many clients will have sufficient losses to analyses those with frequent losses will incur ever increasing insurance premiums until they implement an appropriate plan to deal with this issue. By undertaking a loss analysis you will have the essential information required to build such a plan.

Contingency Planning

This often overlooked area of Risk Management can be the only thing standing between the successful recovery of a business from disaster and bankruptcy. Whilst insurance may soften the financial hardship associated with a major loss this will not prevent you from protecting your market share and maintaining customer relationships. These are the elements that make your business profitable and cannot be easily replaced.

We can assist you in building contingency plans to aid in the recovery process and protect your business. Futhermore, the existence of such plans will also assist with the cost and placement of your insurance programme.

Insurance Due Diligence Audits

Have you ever had a concern that you are being overcharged or oversold insurance? We offer to review your current insurance programme without you having to conduct an extensive and time consuming tender process. We review your instructions, requirements and existing arrangements and advise whether or not they are appropriate, competitive where they may be improved.

Are you taking over a new business? How do you know during this process whether the business has adequate insurance to cover a major loss occurring right at the wrong moment? How do you know there are no unknown liabilities lurking around in the background that may come to haunt you one day?

We review existing insurance programme and loss history to identify if all is OK and to give you peace of mind.

Legislative Support

BRIC has had extensive experience in dealing with Governments to provide insurance solutions in support of various legislative reforms. We have worked with a number of Australian State, Territory and International Governments to assist them in their legislative reform process.

Should you require any assistance with any of the above services please give us a call.



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