Business Insurance / Office Insurance

Office Insurance

Office Insurance covers your property and activities relating to your occupation as an office based professional.

If you have activities outside the office such as regular site visits or a storage yard or warehouse etc. then a Business Insurance policy may be more appropriate for you.

The scope of cover offered by some insurers automatically includes Glass Breakage, Theft of Contents (excluding Money) and Accidental Damage.

Business Insurance

This covers a business and all its activities including its office environment. The policy is divided into a number of different cover sections and you will need to consider which sections will apply to you. Should you need any help please give us a call - that's why we are here!

Points to Remember

Insure all property for its new replacement value unless it requires special valuation such as antiques, artworks etc; Also make sure you allow for inflation increasing the replacement price during the year.

We recommend you insure for nothing less than a public and products liability limit of liability of $10,000,000 and strongly suggest you consider $20,000,000;

Business Interruption is one of the least insured elements of an office or business insurance policy yet is one of the major causes of business failure following a loss. Please consider closely the impact a major loss would have on your ability to earn income. Also consider what it would cost you to get back into business quickly after a loss. Even if you may not suffer a long term loss of income there will definitely be some short term costs that can be insured.

Consider also your contractual obligations and arrange insurance that your contracts call for.



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