Design & Construct Professional Indemnity

Contractors and builders who provide design or other professional services in addition to or as part of their construction activities for clients assume the additional responsibilities and liabilities of a design professional.

Whether or not you provide these professional services in-house or engage an external consultant you may assume liability to your clients or other parties for claims arising out of injury or loss incurred as a result of a breach of professional duty in the provision of these professional services. Many "off the shelf" Professional Indemnity policies available in the Australian market do not adequately cover such exposures. Your design and construct professional negligence exposure is therefore best insured under a tailored design and construct professional indemnity policy.

Public and private organisations are becoming increasingly aware of this professional liability exposure and are therefore including the requirement for professional indemnity insurance in their design and construct tender documents.

BRIC specialise in arranging insurance for the construction and engineering industries and have access to more than 25 different sources of professional indemnity insurance. Unlike many of our competitors we are not aligned with any one particular insurer and therefore can truly act in our client's best interests.

This capability has been recognised by:

  • Engineers Australia
  • Consult Australia
  • The Australian Institute of Building Surveyors
  • The Australian Institute of Marine Surveyors
  • The Building Commission of Victoria
  • The Department of Environment and Planning NSW and many others...

To enable us to negotiate terms for you please download the Design and Construct Professional Indemnity Application form and Addendum. As the proposal is an Electronic form this generally improves the 'quality' of our presentation to insurers thereby enhancing the potential for the best possible outcome. Please also download the Instructions on how best to complete the form.

In order for us to better understand your individual needs, we encourage you to contact one of our specialist consultants prior to completing your application.



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