Workers Compensation Insurance

The law requires that you provide protection to your employees against a workplace accident or health issue. Each State/Territory applies slightly different requirements, and as a result this cover is only available to certain states.

You have the say as to which insurer you wish to use and can change between insurers dependent upon the incentive, benefits and services being offered to you.

BRIC can arrange as part of this transfer process to:

  • Review your WorkCover Industry Classification (WIC) to ensure the correct classification is applied. You could be paying too much premium;
  • Review your remuneration certification history - you may be owed a refund from past years deeming provisions;
  • Review your active claims to see if you are able to reduce your ongoing claims liability;
  • Review any subcontracting issues that may be impacting on your premium;
  • Provide you with a free WorkCover Employer Kit, which includes a WorkCover Employer diskette, an "All about WorkCover for Employers" booklet, a "Return to Work Guide" and an "If You Are Injured" poster, plus more.
  • Organise so that you are able to pay the premium by monthly installments;

If you are not currently insured and have employees (including Principals who are Directors) then you may be in breach of Occupational Health & Safety Legislation which imposes extremely onerous penalties.

Ring us and we can advise you as to the options you have available and also how you can arrange your Workers Compensation insurance through BRIC.



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