Professional Indemnity Insurance for members of the Association of Accredited Certifiers

As a member of the AAC you have access to our specialist broking services.

Professional Indemnity insurance for private certifiers is not a standard commodity, with insurers offering a range of products, some of which are not appropriate for your profession. Our role is to negotiate this minefield on your behalf to ensure that the most appropriate cover is negotiated for you.

Unlike many other brokers, BRIC do not own or act for any particular insurer and have access to more than 25 insurers. We will consider the entire insurance market when agreeing with you the best strategy to negotiate your professional indemnity insurance.

To enable us to negotiate terms for you please download the Application form from the menu to the left. As the proposal is an Electronic form this generally improves the 'quality' of our presentation to insurers thereby enhancing the potential for the best possible outcome. Please also download the Instructions on how best to complete the form.

In order for us to better understand your individual needs, we encourage you to contact one of our specialist consultants prior to completing your application.



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