BRIC is an authorised Domestic Building Insurance (DBI) Distributor on behalf of the VMIA, with over 20 years experience in arranging DBI for builders.

The process for arranging DBI has been made simple and fast by applying for certificates via the BuildVic online portal.

For new BRIC clients, please email your DBI Distributor Nomination Form noting BRIC as your chosen DBI Distributor to

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Builders Warranty Insurance for BRIC clients gives you:

  • Direct access to the VMIA via BRIC
  • No fees in arranging your Victorian DBI
  • Assessment of your Victorian DBI eligibility at no cost
  • A free support service to access and navigate BuildVic
  • The ability to arrange DBI online via the BuildVic portal
  • The ability to self-issue DBI certificates
  • 24 hour access to your own Letter of Eligibility