CSD Explained

Commercial Structural Defects insurance is a product specifically designed to provide indemnity to Licensed Commercial Builders for any legal liability that arises due to a structural defect in a building they have completed.

Structural damage covered could include:

  • Cracking of a warehouse concrete slab requiring reconstruction of the slab;
  • Deterioration in the fixing points of tilt slab factory walls requiring rectification and/or replacement;
  • Collapse of a roof structure due to insufficient reinforcement or design;
  • Incorrect specification of the concrete poured or the mortar used on block wall construction;
  • Movement or heaving in a slab due to incorrect design/construction of the footings; and
  • Concrete cancer caused by deterioration of the steel reinforcement.

Competitive Coverage

BRIC is currently one of the few providers in the market with direct access to this type of policy.

Claims Made

Coverage is triggered by the reporting of a claim, rather than the occurrence of the incident

Local Insurer

Our long-standing relationship with Liberty Specialty Markets, an A-rated Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) approved insurer, allows us to provide you with competitive Australia-wide coverage

Broad cover for your work 

A Commercial Structural Defects policy can add tremendous value to your insurance program as a small to medium commercial builders and potentially protect you from severe financial stress.


BRIC, as a company of Honan Insurance Group Pty Ltd is now fully owned by Marsh Pty Ltd. To find out more, speak to your broker or read the announcement