The right solution for your profession 

Types of projects that are delivered vary significantly, as do the associated risks. Arranging appropriate insurance for project managers requires an understanding of the nature of services provided, and the exposures assumed under contract, to tailor an insurance program to suit. 

Our expert team assists you in clearly articulating the nature of your business to insurers and then to negotiate the most appropriate insurance products, taking into account your objectives.

What type of cover does your business need?

Navigating the complexities of your insurance requires a partner and adviser with intimate product knowledge, the strength of market clout, and a holistic approach to managing your risks on your behalf.

We have experience and expertise across a number of insurance products. You can navigate them below, or contact us to learn more.


BRIC, as a company of Honan Insurance Group Pty Ltd is now fully owned by Marsh Pty Ltd. To find out more, speak to your broker or read the announcement