The HBCF Explained

The HBCF provides a safety net for homeowners who have contracted residential building work in NSW. HBCF Insurance is a requirement for all licensed contractors for most residential construction projects over $20,000.

HBCF insurance seeks to provide cover for customers from builder’s:

1. Failure to comply with a Tribunal or Court order to pay compensation to the homeowner; and/or

2. Failure to complete the building work as a result of death, disappearance or insolvency.

Where Home Warranty insurance is required, it must be purchased by the builder at the time they enter into a building contract.

Part of the role of the HBCF is to assess building contractors’ eligibility to obtain cover. Supporting builders in obtaining their eligibility since the privatisation of this insurance, BRIC has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field.


BRIC, as a company of Honan Insurance Group Pty Ltd is now fully owned by Marsh Pty Ltd. To find out more, speak to your broker or read the announcement