Risk Consulting

Manage and mitigate risk while protecting and creating value in your business. 

BRIC has a wealth of Risk Management knowledge and provides clients with a comprehensive suite of services to minimise their total Cost of Risk.

Strategic Risk Solutions

BRIC offers risk prevention, early intervention and management.

Our consultants partner with you in Risk Identification, Exposure & Loss Analysis, Contingency Planning, Insurance Due Diligence Audits, Legislative Support, and designing a tailored plan aligned to your business agenda.

Risk Identification

Knowing what risks and exposures your organisation faces is fundamental to protecting your business.

As an external organisation partnering with you to understand your needs, BRIC can assist in the risk identification process, pinpointing numerous subtle and obvious risks that organisations may fail to recognise. 

Loss Analysis 

Undertaking a loss analysis is important for organisations with frequent losses. Until an appropriate plan is implemented, organisations may incur ever increasing insurance premiums. By undertaking a loss analysis, you equip your business with the essential information required to create a plan.

Contingency Planning

Protect your market share, maintain customer relationships and keep your business profitable.

Our expert Risk Consultants assist you in building contingency plans to aid in the recovery process and safeguard your business. These plans assist with the cost and placement of your insurance program.

Insurance Due Diligence Audits

Are you concerned that you have been overcharged or oversold insurance? 

We review your current insurance without you having to conduct an extensive and time consuming tender process. We consider your current instructions, requirements and existing arrangements and advise on whether they are appropriate, competitive, and where they can be improved.

Are you taking over a new business? It is important to know during this process whether the business has adequate insurance to cover a major loss, or any unknown liabilities that may surface. 

We comprehensively review existing insurance programs and loss history to identify any risk and give you peace of mind.

Legislative Support

BRIC has extensive experience in providing insurance solutions in support of legislative reforms. We have worked with a number of Australian State, Territory and International Governments to assist in the legislative reform process.


BRIC, as a company of Honan Insurance Group Pty Ltd is now fully owned by Marsh Pty Ltd. To find out more, speak to your broker or read the announcement